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  1. fadz's rating of the film Ankur

    Wow. Just wow. Great cinema.

  2. r.prasad006's rating of the film Ankur

    wonderful movie by Shyam Benegal thanks for introducing a brilliant actor Shabana Azmi she’s truly an artist par excellence.

  3. Viswanathan's rating of the film Ankur

    Ankur - The Seedling. A woman who nurtures every man when he is most vulnerable is forced to face a society where her own independence is crippled. The story captures all layers of such prejudice. It's unfortunately relevant even now! Caste is a man's game, a woman is a woman no matter what label she carries. The cultures have imbibed the conservative aspects to its roots. Will it ever end?!

  4. manuelveigas's rating of the film Ankur

    8/10 Though the director clearly empathises most with the oppressed and quietly suffering female lead, this is hardly sentimental propaganda film a la Eisenstein; instead, it's a subtle realistic character study where even the "villain" of the piece, the young master, is not without a tinge of remorse. The film's visual palette involves painterly framing, two beautiful female leads, and wondrous nature photography

  5. Sachin Chavan's rating of the film Ankur

    Deserved five stars - except for the single expression, single tone acting of the male lead. Shabana shows in her debut what a caliber she had - heads and shoulders above the rest of the cast - subtle as well as expressive where needed. The village/plantation environment and cultural milieu is captured extremely well. Human nature and relationships handled adeptly.

  6. yamunaiselvan@gmail.com's rating of the film Ankur

    Another nail on feudalism by Shyam Benegal.

  7. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film Ankur

    There is a divide of class but presenting it in this manner of an arrogant son that's expected to do what he's told and a village that has a similar attitude but in an idle fashion, in the end what was the director actually trying to say? I look at this community and wonder how everyone's daily lives function, their alienated and hostile towards one another and lead their lives by generally assuming circumstances.

  8. Basti / Buzz-T's rating of the film Ankur

  9. Kamran S. Sehgal's rating of the film Ankur

    As with all Indian cinema the colours are the things that draw my attention. Shabana Azmi gives a knockout performance in this gem that while not the greatest film about the Indian caste is a worthy addition to the genre.

  10. Pok's rating of the film Ankur

    4.5 Lakshmi es víctima de incontables injusticias, oprimida por un sistema en el que su género, su casta y su clase social la ponen constantemente en desventaja. A pesar de ello, hace lo que puede por autodeterminarse. La película nos muestra que aún bajo esas circunstancias el amor puede surgir, pero que de ninguna manera puede subsistir cuando se contrapone al status quo.

  11. dan's rating of the film Ankur

    Often movies are caught up in the stereotypes of their culture, here Indian cinema.However,Ankur escapes these stereotypes (melodrama) and offers gripping reality.

  12. dreamingbleu's rating of the film Ankur

    Cada vez que o protagonista aparecia, era garantido sentir raiva dele, ele é tão covarde e apático. O filme mostra bem como esse sistema de castas é depreciativo demais. Enfim, foi um filme muito interessante de assistir, pela cultura diferente da nossa causa um choque mesmo.

  13. Alex Meire's rating of the film Ankur

  14. Bruno Bomfim's rating of the film Ankur

    Os choques culturais ao assistir um filme indiano são inevitáveis. Há um constante sentimento de incômodo em todas as relações que são estabelecidas entre os personagens. Não há ali nenhuma relação para onde você possa fugir, onde você possa encontrar uma certa paz. A desigualdade social - sistema de castas - e desigualdade de gênero são os temas principais e, nestes pontos, podemos facilmente encontrar....

  15. Sarah's rating of the film Ankur

    amei demais a performance da atriz principal, além de linda, talentosíssima! fiquei mto contente pela essência progressista da personagem, acho q, na época em q se passa o filme, pra época em q o filme foi feito, é algo bom de ver.

  16. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Ankur

  17. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Ankur

    At first I thought the whole love triangle story to be banal but the longer I was watching the film, the more I was coming to realize its complexity. The storyline is superb but there are some other aspects to the film that make it great — its flamboyance, portrayal of local lifestyle and traditions, and beautiful music. The tense ending is hard to watch without tears, and gives this film a genuine Bressonian feel.

  18. anaimiaktion's rating of the film Ankur

  19. Alex's rating of the film Ankur

    It felt like everyone in this film was on a slow burn, especially the two central characters. As a result, I found it very satisfying when all of the emotions burst forth at the end. The characters' complexity and the class war simmering just below the surface deepened and broadened a deceptively simple tale of infidelity.

  20. Susan Daniel's rating of the film Ankur

    A powerful film that shows the divide between class in the Caste System.

  21. tubbssw's rating of the film Ankur

    Laxmi is surrounded by males who for various reasons are a waste of space. She battles throughout the screenplay with gender and caste issues and to the film's credit, there is no Hollywood treatment. A terrific soundtrack and easy on the eye soft colour photography helps.

  22. Jeff Gay's rating of the film Ankur

    Beautiful, bucolic, hazy cinematography mixes with simple, well acted story. Takes its time to make its points, but never gets tedious. Very powerful ending culminates with an especially moving monologue by Shabana Azmi, in which a woman in this rigid Caste system finally has her say. Anant Nag is also memorable throughout as the landlord’s despised son: it’s a very good feeling when he finally gets his comeuppance

  23. Peyton's rating of the film Ankur

    just an incredible performance by shabana azmi

  24. Juan's rating of the film Ankur

    Un sueño algo trillado. Salvo que los hacendados jóvenes no parecen ni tan crueles ni tan ricos como en Latinoamérica.

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