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  1. Photo of Kira Muratova

    Kira Muratova Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Andreev

    Aleksandr Andreev Producer

  3. Photo of Hugues Borgia

    Hugues Borgia Producer

  4. Photo of Yuri Kovalenko

    Yuri Kovalenko Producer

  5. Photo of Gennadi Karyuk

    Gennadi Karyuk Cinematography

  6. Photo of Nikolai Shatokhin

    Nikolai Shatokhin Cast

  7. Photo of Irina Kovalenko

    Irina Kovalenko Cast

  8. Photo of Natalya Ralleva

    Natalya Ralleva Cast

  9. Photo of Dasha Koval

    Dasha Koval Cast

  10. Photo of Yuri Shlykov

    Yuri Shlykov Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Karasyov

    Vladimir Karasyov Cast

  12. Photo of Leonid Kushnir

    Leonid Kushnir Cast

  13. Photo of Andrei Kasyanov

    Andrei Kasyanov Cast

  14. Photo of Yekaterina Lobanova

    Yekaterina Lobanova Cast

  15. Photo of Viktoriya Kilter

    Viktoriya Kilter Cast

  16. Photo of Igor Sharapov

    Igor Sharapov Cast

  17. Photo of Vladimir Dyatlov

    Vladimir Dyatlov Cast

  18. Photo of Aleksei Sklyarenko

    Aleksei Sklyarenko Cast

  19. Photo of Marc Ruscart

    Marc Ruscart Cast

  20. Photo of Elvira Khomyuk

    Elvira Khomyuk Cast

  21. Photo of Yevgeni Polynchuk

    Yevgeni Polynchuk Cast

  22. Photo of Leonid Popov

    Leonid Popov Cast

  23. Photo of Aleksandr Trofimov

    Aleksandr Trofimov Cast

  24. Photo of Irina Tokarchuk

    Irina Tokarchuk Cast

  25. Photo of Sergei Chetvertkov

    Sergei Chetvertkov Cast

  26. Photo of Georgi Kovtun

    Georgi Kovtun Cast

  27. Photo of Valentina Rogulyova

    Valentina Rogulyova Cast

  28. Photo of Aleksandra Svenskaya

    Aleksandra Svenskaya Cast

  29. Photo of Galina Kasperovich

    Galina Kasperovich Cast

  30. Photo of Yelena Pridilajlo

    Yelena Pridilajlo Cast

  31. Photo of Aleksandr Bokovikov

    Aleksandr Bokovikov Cast

  32. Photo of O. Abakumov

    O. Abakumov Cast

  33. Photo of N. Avasalova

    N. Avasalova Cast

  34. Photo of Natalya Batrak

    Natalya Batrak Cast

  35. Photo of S. Belskaya

    S. Belskaya Cast

  36. Photo of M. Bozhko

    M. Bozhko Cast

  37. Photo of Tatyana Borodina

    Tatyana Borodina Cast

  38. Photo of O. Botovskaya

    O. Botovskaya Cast

  39. Photo of I. Bulavina

    I. Bulavina Cast

  40. Photo of S. Vasilyeva

    S. Vasilyeva Cast

  41. Photo of O. Vinnikov

    O. Vinnikov Cast

  42. Photo of M. Vinnitsky

    M. Vinnitsky Cast

  43. Photo of M. Geller

    M. Geller Cast

  44. Photo of L. Gersova

    L. Gersova Cast

  45. Photo of Valentina Olejnik

    Valentina Olejnik Editing

  46. Photo of Aleksei Bokatov

    Aleksei Bokatov Production Design

  47. Photo of Yevgeni Golubenko

    Yevgeni Golubenko Production Design and Screenplay