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  1. Photo of Yuen Chor

    Yuen Chor Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Ku Lung

    Ku Lung Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lung Ti

    Lung Ti Cast

  4. Photo of Ching Li

    Ching Li Cast

  5. Photo of Derek Yee Tung-sing

    Derek Yee Tung-sing Cast

  6. Photo of Fan Mei-Sheng

    Fan Mei-Sheng Cast

  7. Photo of Ku Feng

    Ku Feng Cast

  8. Photo of Norman Chu

    Norman Chu Cast

  9. Photo of Candice Yu

    Candice Yu Cast

  10. Photo of Ngaai Fei

    Ngaai Fei Cast

  11. Photo of Yeung Chi-Hing

    Yeung Chi-Hing Cast

  12. Photo of Yu On-on

    Yu On-on Cast

  13. Photo of Hua Yueh

    Hua Yueh Cast

  14. Photo of Huang Chieh

    Huang Chieh Cinematography

  15. Photo of Chen Yung-Yu

    Chen Yung-Yu Music

  16. Photo of Run Run Shaw

    Run Run Shaw Producer