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  1. Photo of Gilles Perrault

    Gilles Perrault Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yul Brynner

    Yul Brynner Cast

  3. Photo of Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda Cast

  4. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  5. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Bouquet

    Michel Bouquet Cast

  7. Photo of Virna Lisi

    Virna Lisi Cast

  8. Photo of Guy Tréjan

    Guy Tréjan Cast

  9. Photo of Elga Andersen

    Elga Andersen Cast

  10. Photo of Marie Dubois

    Marie Dubois Cast

  11. Photo of Nathalie Nerval

    Nathalie Nerval Cast

  12. Photo of André Falcon

    André Falcon Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Party

    Robert Party Cast

  14. Photo of William Sabatier

    William Sabatier Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Alda

    Robert Alda Cast

  16. Photo of Paola Pitagora

    Paola Pitagora Cast

  17. Photo of Luigi Diberti

    Luigi Diberti Cast

  18. Photo of François Maistre

    François Maistre Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas Hunter

    Thomas Hunter Cast

  20. Photo of Larry Dolgin

    Larry Dolgin Cast

  21. Photo of Eva Maria Meineke

    Eva Maria Meineke Cast

  22. Photo of Farley Granger

    Farley Granger Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Desailly

    Jean Desailly Cast

  24. Photo of Claude Renoir

    Claude Renoir Cinematography

  25. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  26. Photo of Jacques Saulnier

    Jacques Saulnier Production Design

  27. Photo of Henri Verneuil

    Henri Verneuil Producer, Director Screenplay

  28. Photo of Pierre Gillette

    Pierre Gillette Editing