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Ratings & Reviews

  1. The Macho King's rating of the film The Seventh Fire

    Raw, bitter and somber. It has moments on screen which feels like it blurs the line of reality for the viewer with leaving a impression of hyperrealism, which makes this all the more intriguing. These people exists more in a state of static purgatory than one of a constant fluid ever changing world. There is no tomorrow here, there is only now. Tomorrow will always be the same as today, Always.

  2. thelastronaut's rating of the film The Seventh Fire

    "The betrayal of Native Americans by larger forces looms over this powerful movie without ever being explicitly discussed." -- from the NYTimes review. I agree, it definitely looms, but it should not have to be discussed. The movie succeeds at letting the lives come through as lived, no matter how gritty or bleak. Commendable effort.