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  1. Photo of Claude Pinoteau

    Claude Pinoteau Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Loup Dabadie

    Jean-Loup Dabadie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  4. Photo of Lea Massari

    Lea Massari Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  6. Photo of Roger Planchon

    Roger Planchon Cast

  7. Photo of Élisabeth Bourgine

    Élisabeth Bourgine Cast

  8. Photo of Béatrice Agenin

    Béatrice Agenin Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bacri

    Jean-Pierre Bacri Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Hoffmann

    Robert Hoffmann Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Morris

    Michael Morris Cast

  12. Photo of Erick Desmarestz

    Erick Desmarestz Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-François Rémi

    Jean-François Rémi Cast

  14. Photo of Lina Volonghi

    Lina Volonghi Cast

  15. Photo of Annick Alane

    Annick Alane Cast

  16. Photo of Edmond Séchan

    Edmond Séchan Cinematography

  17. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  18. Photo of Pierre-Louis Thevenet

    Pierre-Louis Thevenet Production Design

  19. Photo of Marcel Dassault

    Marcel Dassault Producer

  20. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Producer

  21. Photo of Christine Pansu

    Christine Pansu Editing

  22. Photo of Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte

    Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte Editing