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  1. Photo of Jan Bucquoy

    Jan Bucquoy Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Jean-Henri Compère

    Jean-Henri Compère Cast

  3. Photo of Noe Francq

    Noe Francq Cast

  4. Photo of Isabelle Legros

    Isabelle Legros Cast

  5. Photo of Sophie Schneider

    Sophie Schneider Cast

  6. Photo of Jacques Druaux

    Jacques Druaux Cast

  7. Photo of Pascale Binnert

    Pascale Binnert Cast

  8. Photo of Michele Shor

    Michele Shor Cast

  9. Photo of Stefan Lernous

    Stefan Lernous Cast

  10. Photo of Georgette Stulens

    Georgette Stulens Cast

  11. Photo of Raymond Vandersmissen

    Raymond Vandersmissen Cast

  12. Photo of Kathleen Joye

    Kathleen Joye Cast

  13. Photo of Valerie van Nitsen

    Valerie van Nitsen Cast

  14. Photo of Alain Eloy

    Alain Eloy Cast

  15. Photo of Roberto Buscemi

    Roberto Buscemi Cast

  16. Photo of Moreno Boriani

    Moreno Boriani Cast

  17. Photo of Graziela Calabreze

    Graziela Calabreze Cast

  18. Photo of Dorothee Capelluto

    Dorothee Capelluto Cast

  19. Photo of Laura Dupont

    Laura Dupont Cast

  20. Photo of Eric da Costa

    Eric da Costa Cast

  21. Photo of Kristien Pottie

    Kristien Pottie Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Lefebvre

    Jacques Lefebvre Cast

  23. Photo of Anne-Marie Polster

    Anne-Marie Polster Cast

  24. Photo of Monique Cremers

    Monique Cremers Cast

  25. Photo of Claudine Maton

    Claudine Maton Cast

  26. Photo of Marie-Jo Delhaye

    Marie-Jo Delhaye Cast

  27. Photo of Sabrina Leurquin

    Sabrina Leurquin Cast

  28. Photo of Renaldo Deman

    Renaldo Deman Cast

  29. Photo of Michel Baudour

    Michel Baudour Cinematography

  30. Photo of Francis De Smet

    Francis De Smet Music

  31. Photo of Nathalie André

    Nathalie André Production Design

  32. Photo of Nicole Lenoir

    Nicole Lenoir Production Design

  33. Photo of Matyas Veress

    Matyas Veress Editing

  34. Photo of Jean-Gregoire Mekhitarian

    Jean-Gregoire Mekhitarian Sound