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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Shadow

    Sadly in 1994 the radio show with Orson Welles was largely forgotten which is a shame as this is an underrated period superhero movie that deserves to be seen by many more than it did. It is full of cool art decor and a "who's who" of supporting actors. Penelope Ann Miller looks gorgeous in 1920s fashion dresses too.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film The Shadow

    Personnage classique de la bande-dessinée, fort bien campé au cinéma...

  3. Fabiha's rating of the film The Shadow

    "I'll be there - around every corner, in every empty room - as inevitable as your guilty conscience..."

  4. Blumes's rating of the film The Shadow

    I like how he causally meets the villain for dinner. Andre Gregory receiving pneumatic tube messages is sublime.

  5. Louis Léonard's rating of the film The Shadow

    Oh my god that was hilarious! ...and is it just me or does Alec Baldwin also turns into one of his brothers (Daniel and/or William) when he "transforms" into The Shadow?

  6. rado's rating of the film The Shadow

    The superhero film that gets Everything right - darkness, mysticism, action, pulp, fun.

  7. rllr's rating of the film The Shadow

    Completely underrated gem. Too bad the poor script drags the movie down.

  8. Rick Brands's rating of the film The Shadow

    Superb entertainment, with a sublime performance by Baldwin, backed by great actors like Tim Curry, Ian McKellen and Peter Boyle. Also, the special effects were outstanding for 1994. Pity about Goldsmith's score, which was lazily bombastic in the action scenes, or annoyingly anachronistic; it's situated in the 30's. Still, I'm glad I finally saw and liked it, as I played the pinball game a lot, sixteen years ago ;-).