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  1. Photo of Pierre Perrault

    Pierre Perrault Director

  2. Photo of Louis-Philippe Lécuyer

    Louis-Philippe Lécuyer Self

  3. Photo of Philippe Cross

    Philippe Cross Self

  4. Photo of Stéphane-Albert Boulais

    Stéphane-Albert Boulais Self

  5. Photo of Maurice Chaillot

    Maurice Chaillot Self

  6. Photo of Bernard L'Heureux

    Bernard L'Heureux Self

  7. Photo of Michel Guyot

    Michel Guyot Self

  8. Photo of Maurice Aumont

    Maurice Aumont Self

  9. Photo of Claude Lauriault

    Claude Lauriault Self

  10. Photo of Martin Leclerc

    Martin Leclerc Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jacques Bobet

    Jacques Bobet Producer

  12. Photo of Suzanne Allard

    Suzanne Allard Editing

  13. Photo of Yves Gendron

    Yves Gendron Sound

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Joutel

    Jean-Pierre Joutel Sound

  15. Photo of Gilles Quintal

    Gilles Quintal Sound