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  1. Photo of Maurice Tourneur

    Maurice Tourneur Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Franzos Keremen

    Franzos Keremen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marlene Dietrich

    Marlene Dietrich Cast

  4. Photo of Fritz Kortner

    Fritz Kortner Cast

  5. Photo of Robin Irvine

    Robin Irvine Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Sokoloff

    Vladimir Sokoloff Cast

  7. Photo of Gaston Modot

    Gaston Modot Cast

  8. Photo of Boris de Fast

    Boris de Fast Cast

  9. Photo of Feodor Chaliapin Jr.

    Feodor Chaliapin Jr. Cast

  10. Photo of Max Maximilian

    Max Maximilian Cast

  11. Photo of Fritz Alberti

    Fritz Alberti Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Garrison

    Robert Garrison Cast

  13. Photo of Heinrich Gotho

    Heinrich Gotho Cast

  14. Photo of Harry Grunwald

    Harry Grunwald Cast

  15. Photo of Emil Heyse

    Emil Heyse Cast

  16. Photo of Fred Immler

    Fred Immler Cast

  17. Photo of Alfred Loretto

    Alfred Loretto Cast

  18. Photo of Gerhard Ritterband

    Gerhard Ritterband Cast

  19. Photo of Aruth Wartan

    Aruth Wartan Cast

  20. Photo of Heinz Wemper

    Heinz Wemper Cast

  21. Photo of Christiane Tourneur

    Christiane Tourneur Cast

  22. Photo of Nicolas Farkas

    Nicolas Farkas Cinematography

  23. Photo of Franz Schroedter

    Franz Schroedter Production Design

  24. Photo of Fritz Maurischat

    Fritz Maurischat Production Design

  25. Photo of Max Glass

    Max Glass Producer