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  1. Photo of Brian Trenchard-Smith

    Brian Trenchard-Smith Director

  2. Photo of William L. Nagle

    William L. Nagle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Johnston

    Tony Johnston Screenplay

  4. Photo of R. Lee Ermey

    R. Lee Ermey Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Wings Hauser

    Wings Hauser Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Arevalo

    Robert Arevalo Cast

  7. Photo of Mark Neely

    Mark Neely Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Hershberger

    Gary Hershberger Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Kuhlman

    Richard Kuhlman Cast

  10. Photo of Kevan Lind

    Kevan Lind Cinematography

  11. Photo of Paul Schutze

    Paul Schutze Music

  12. Photo of Toto Castillo

    Toto Castillo Production Design

  13. Photo of Rod S.M. Confesor

    Rod S.M. Confesor Producer

  14. Photo of D. Howard Grigsby

    D. Howard Grigsby Producer

  15. Photo of Michael Fuller

    Michael Fuller Producer

  16. Photo of Charles W. Fries

    Charles W. Fries Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Antony I. Ginnane

    Antony I. Ginnane Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Marilyn Ong

    Marilyn Ong Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Andrew Prowse

    Andrew Prowse Editing

  20. Photo of Peter Townend

    Peter Townend Sound

  21. Photo of Phil Judd

    Phil Judd Sound