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  1. Photo of Edward Zwick

    Edward Zwick Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Lawrence Wright

    Lawrence Wright Screenplay

  3. Photo of Menno Meyjes

    Menno Meyjes Screenplay

  4. Photo of Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington Cast

  5. Photo of Annette Bening

    Annette Bening Cast

  6. Photo of Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis Cast

  7. Photo of Tony Shalhoub

    Tony Shalhoub Cast

  8. Photo of Sami Bouajila

    Sami Bouajila Cast

  9. Photo of David Proval

    David Proval Cast

  10. Photo of Ahmed Ben Larby

    Ahmed Ben Larby Cast

  11. Photo of Mosleh Mohamed

    Mosleh Mohamed Cast

  12. Photo of Lianna Pai

    Lianna Pai Cast

  13. Photo of Lance Reddick

    Lance Reddick Cast

  14. Photo of Ben Shenkman

    Ben Shenkman Cast

  15. Photo of Chris Messina

    Chris Messina Cast

  16. Photo of Aasif Mandvi

    Aasif Mandvi Cast

  17. Photo of Roger Deakins

    Roger Deakins Cinematography

  18. Photo of Graeme Revell

    Graeme Revell Music

  19. Photo of Lilly Kilvert

    Lilly Kilvert Production Design

  20. Photo of Lynda Obst

    Lynda Obst Producer

  21. Photo of Peter Schindler

    Peter Schindler Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Steven Rosenblum

    Steven Rosenblum Editing