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  1. Trailblazer, LLC.'s rating of the film Little Men

    Tender & authentic coming-of-age flick. Barbieri is a bona fide star.

  2. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Little Men

  3. Diego Ravazzolo's rating of the film Little Men

  4. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Little Men

  5. Seba Stolarczyk's rating of the film Little Men

    amazing actors. never too deep, never too far. a beautiful relationship, great twists, great performances. this movie gives you lots of thrills and much space for imagination also. i loved it.

  6. pirri's rating of the film Little Men

  7. auloel's rating of the film Little Men

    Pengen ngasih bintang empat tapipak overall ceritanya renggang abis

  8. Carambotti's rating of the film Little Men

    Super anticipated watching this, but didn't love it. Shitty parenting doesn't get any redemption here. Barbieri shows some spunk, and look forward to seeing where he takes it.

  9. Justwibi's rating of the film Little Men

  10. vordven's rating of the film Little Men

  11. swordofdoom's rating of the film Little Men

    I found Paulina Garcia's performance so interesting, you really don't see her face very often her body language tells or emotes most of her story. great stuff. minus a point for the tired "ice cream truck" music and because coming of age stories are just not my thing.

  12. Kaj's rating of the film Little Men

    Ira Sachs says this is a remake of Ozu's Good Morning. It works well.

  13. Chris's rating of the film Little Men

    the two kids literally gave me a headache i couldn't finish this... im sure it wouldve been good if i was able to sit through it but no thanks

  14. José Neves's rating of the film Little Men

    Digital. Sachs confined himself to the role of a modest narrator of more or less uplifting stories of tenderness and respect for characters, well structured and composed (magnificent Michael Barbieri and Theo Taplitz). Often, in the same frame, there is focus and blur according to the character who speaks, which is an uninteresting practice of film grammar. Anyway, again, far from is admirable first feature film.

  15. jessetaylor's rating of the film Little Men

    It's all very New York, but never in a pretentious way. This is Ira Sachs' third film set in New York City and it's becoming a go-to place for his stories. His last three films all deal with very specific characters of certain class levels going through very specific situations - having them live in New York City only adds more of a metropolitan duress to everything.

  16. Alex's rating of the film Little Men

  17. João Martins's rating of the film Little Men

    Not better than the previous 'Love is Strange' but certainly a piece of art that reinforce Ira Sachs as a great director. The way his stories involve the viewer is very comforting.

  18. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Little Men

    Ira has his heart and adult actors in the right place (Paulina Garcia on her own deserved five stars) but I just couldn't stand those fucking kids. Argh.

  19. fearraigh's rating of the film Little Men

    A bit more low-key than it probably should have been but another sensitive drama from Ira Sachs. The film is at its best when it hones in on Leonor's uncooperative tenant (Paulina García brilliant yet again) and Tony's rebarbative nature (the acting class scene is a stand-out one) but the resolution is a little rushed and undercooked.

  20. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Little Men

    Ira Sachs livre un très beau film d'adieu à l'enfance dans un Brooklyn qui se transforme. Avec beaucoup de subtilité, d'une manière très libre et aérienne, il nous plonge au coeur d'une relation d'apprentissage toujours pudique. Un film qui met en lumière la froide cruauté calculatrice des adultes et la générosité éperdue de l'enfance. Si seulement devenir adulte était de rester enfant !

  21. smndvdcl's rating of the film Little Men

    A fraught, moving domestic drama that explores the complexities of community, class and friendship. The potential of the two main protagonists, friends on the cusp of adolescence with clear intellectual potential and a flair for acting, act as the beating heart of the film as overseers of their parents' conflicts and clashing politics. Well worth a watch.

  22. G. Thomas Esmay's rating of the film Little Men

    2.5/5. A sometimes reflective but too often saccharine modern repurposing of Romeo & Juliet-- our starcrossed lovers become two middle schoolers looking for friendship amidst their warring families fighting over a lease of a Brooklyn storefront.

  23. Sophie Wilson Wardman's rating of the film Little Men

    nice performances and really refreshing to see a film focus on children's friendships but in no way different, i must admit that i have forgotten all about it. good to see jennifer ehle though.

  24. Pipim's rating of the film Little Men

    4 étoiles pour Brooklyn Village qui clôture la trilogie new-yorkaise. 3 portraits de couple, de trois générations différentes. Le meilleur restant à mon avis, Keeps the light on, dont les préoccupations économiques s'effacent au profit de ce qui est au coeur de son cinéma: qu'est-ce qui réunit deux êtres ? Qu'est-ce qui perdure au gré du temps ?

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