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  1. Photo of Rolf Sersam

    Rolf Sersam Music

  2. Photo of Rolf Lindström

    Rolf Lindström Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jörgen Persson

    Jörgen Persson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jan Persson

    Jan Persson Editing

  5. Photo of Stig Boqvist

    Stig Boqvist Production Design

  6. Photo of Christer Furubrand

    Christer Furubrand Sound

  7. Photo of Wille Kökeritz

    Wille Kökeritz Sound

  8. Photo of Stellan Skarsgård

    Stellan Skarsgård Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Johansson

    Maria Johansson Cast

  10. Photo of Hans Alfredson

    Hans Alfredson Cast, Director Screenplay

  11. Photo of Per Myrberg

    Per Myrberg Cast

  12. Photo of Lena-Pia Bernhardsson

    Lena-Pia Bernhardsson Cast

  13. Photo of Nils Ahlroth

    Nils Ahlroth Cast

  14. Photo of Lars Amble

    Lars Amble Cast

  15. Photo of Carl-Åke Eriksson

    Carl-Åke Eriksson Cast

  16. Photo of Cecilia Walton

    Cecilia Walton Cast

  17. Photo of Wallis Grahn

    Wallis Grahn Cast

  18. Photo of Else-Marie Brandt

    Else-Marie Brandt Cast

  19. Photo of Gösta Ekman

    Gösta Ekman Cast

  20. Photo of Carl Billquist

    Carl Billquist Cast

  21. Photo of Lena Nyman

    Lena Nyman Cast

  22. Photo of Björn Andrésen

    Björn Andrésen Cast

  23. Photo of Daniel Alfredson

    Daniel Alfredson Cast

  24. Photo of Erik Spangenberg

    Erik Spangenberg Cast

  25. Photo of Karin Ekström

    Karin Ekström Cast

  26. Photo of Tomas Alfredson

    Tomas Alfredson Cast

  27. Photo of Karl-Edward Jeppsson

    Karl-Edward Jeppsson Cast

  28. Photo of Catherine Jeppsson

    Catherine Jeppsson Cast

  29. Photo of Ingvar Andersson

    Ingvar Andersson Cast

  30. Photo of Marga Pettersson

    Marga Pettersson Cast

  31. Photo of Anders Granström

    Anders Granström Cast