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  1. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    Like a journey to the subconscious.

  2. darioscha's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    No acaba de moldear bien el símbolo del cenote, se siente débil y falso; casi amateur en el mal sentido, y acabo yendose por el mismo hoyo que intentó evocar.

  3. captainfez's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    This is the longest Tom Waits filmclip ever.

  4. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    This film is best described as an "experience" - mysterious, tense, scary... It's like a distant vague memory, or perhaps a feeling, very ambiguous, and that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The 60 minute format works very well, and seems like a perfect choice. I imagine this might not be everyone's cup of tea, I loved it - a unique, hidden gem.

  5. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    In this fascinating metaphysical counter-remake of The Descent, Barraud plays with prosopagnosia with delightful results (the same theme returns in Portrait of an Artist, by the way). There are echoes of Emmanuel Carrere (The Moustache) and layers upon layers of metaphors. I love the format as well: 65 minutes, not a minute too long, not a minute too short. A truly immersive experience with lasting impact.

  6. Muriel's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    65m is about right for this tale of a woman sinking literally and metaphorically. Quakes, sinkholes under beds, strange encounters, operatic emotions in playback...the various elements do not gel together, and I was disappointed not to get a bit more of Mathieu Amalric in it (playing opposite but not really alongside former partner Boutefeu, which adds another twist). Intriguing, worth-seeing feature.

  7. Xénia's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    Beautifully disturbing. To descend this sinkhole with her, felt like being in an intense state of mental apnea. Magnifiquement dérangent. Descendre ce gouffre avec elle me donna le sentiment d'être dans un état intense d'apnée mental.

  8. P D Dawson's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    Had the potential to be interesting and affecting, but the filmmakers failed to create enough backstory for the characters and therefore I found it hard to be invested in the story or to feel empathy or remorse for the characters and their situation. The film is short, but somehow felt too long, and that's never a good thing.

  9. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    It doesn't matter if this film can be understood. It's vague enough to be interpreted in many different ways. What matters is that it evokes an emotional response at a visceral level. It makes you feel and think and that's good enough.

  10. David Keene's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    A bit lame. Disappointing.

  11. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film The Sinkholes

  12. dmol's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    It's a portrait of a woman sinking - cryptic and incomprehensible at times, as we immerse ourselves into her mind and psyche. Luckily, the film changed course when it was getting too lost into fantasy, and bounced back into reality before it sunk into the same hole.

  13. Bilouaustria's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    At first you don't quite see it coming. What is "les gouffres" about ? Is it his story or hers ? But then it starts to work as a gisant, complex and multiple Metaphor. Barraud and his film never really fit into genre cinema and i like it, this doubt you keep having watching this (precisely : what am i watching). It work even more with his next feature. This time maybe was his ambition too big for him.

  14. karl's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    Completely over my head this one. I wanted to like it .. i tried but just could not get there.

  15. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    Not anywhere as good as it could have been, an interesting psychological horror premise is wasted with a lack of anything truly satisfying for the viewers.

  16. Tom Flemons's rating of the film The Sinkholes

    I read several bad reviews of this film and was expecting to be disappointed. Instead I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was at times very tense, very mysterious and infuriatingly ambiguous. As much a puzzle as a movie and that may not be to everyone's taste.