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  1. Photo of Hugo Santiago

    Hugo Santiago Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Agustina Llambi-Campbell

    Agustina Llambi-Campbell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Edgard Tenembaum

    Edgard Tenembaum Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Mariano Llinás

    Mariano Llinás Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gustavo Biazzi

    Gustavo Biazzi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Malik Zidi

    Malik Zidi Cast

  7. Photo of Romina Paula

    Romina Paula Cast

  8. Photo of Carlos Perciavalle

    Carlos Perciavalle Cast

  9. Photo of Roly Serrano

    Roly Serrano Cast

  10. Photo of Alejo Moguillansky

    Alejo Moguillansky Editing

  11. Photo of Edgardo Cantón

    Edgardo Cantón Music

  12. Photo of Francis Wargnier

    Francis Wargnier Sound