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  1. Photo of Claude Pinoteau

    Claude Pinoteau Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Loup Dabadie

    Jean-Loup Dabadie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  4. Photo of Annie Girardot

    Annie Girardot Cast

  5. Photo of Isabelle Adjani

    Isabelle Adjani Cast

  6. Photo of Nicole Courcel

    Nicole Courcel Cast

  7. Photo of Francis Perrin

    Francis Perrin Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Spiesser

    Jacques Spiesser Cast

  9. Photo of Michel Aumont

    Michel Aumont Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Hardy

    Robert Hardy Cast

  11. Photo of Nathalie Baye

    Nathalie Baye Cast

  12. Photo of Xavier Gélin

    Xavier Gélin Cast

  13. Photo of Georges Wilson

    Georges Wilson Cast

  14. Photo of Annick Alane

    Annick Alane Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Bisciglia

    Paul Bisciglia Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Dalban

    Robert Dalban Cast

  17. Photo of Francis Lemaire

    Francis Lemaire Cast

  18. Photo of Jacques Maury

    Jacques Maury Cast

  19. Photo of Janine Souchon

    Janine Souchon Cast

  20. Photo of Richard Berry

    Richard Berry Cast

  21. Photo of André Dussollier

    André Dussollier Cast

  22. Photo of Arlette Gordon

    Arlette Gordon Cast

  23. Photo of Charles Gérard

    Charles Gérard Cast

  24. Photo of Sylvain Levignac

    Sylvain Levignac Cast

  25. Photo of Jean Collomb

    Jean Collomb Cinematography

  26. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  27. Photo of Pierre Guffroy

    Pierre Guffroy Production Design

  28. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Producer

  29. Photo of Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte

    Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte Editing