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  1. Photo of Alex Smith

    Alex Smith Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jerry McFadden

    Jerry McFadden Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Gavin O'Connor

    Gavin O'Connor Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Greg O'Connor

    Greg O'Connor Producer

  5. Photo of Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson Producer

  6. Photo of Andrew J. Smith

    Andrew J. Smith Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Eric Alan Edwards

    Eric Alan Edwards Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling Cast

  9. Photo of David Morse

    David Morse Cast

  10. Photo of Clea DuVall

    Clea DuVall Cast

  11. Photo of David Cale

    David Cale Cast

  12. Photo of Eddie Spears

    Eddie Spears Cast

  13. Photo of Kelly Lynch

    Kelly Lynch Cast

  14. Photo of Amy Adams

    Amy Adams Cast

  15. Photo of Brent White

    Brent White Editing

  16. Photo of John Johnson

    John Johnson Production Design

  17. Photo of Jay Farrar

    Jay Farrar Music

  18. Photo of T. C. Chantler

    T. C. Chantler Sound

  19. Photo of Kristin M. Burke

    Kristin M. Burke Costume Design

  20. Photo of Ken White

    Ken White Cast

  21. Photo of Noah Watts

    Noah Watts Cast

  22. Photo of Kim DeLong

    Kim DeLong Cast

  23. Photo of Geraldine Keams

    Geraldine Keams Cast

  24. Photo of Douglas Seybern

    Douglas Seybern Cast