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  1. Photo of Rolo Azpeitia

    Rolo Azpeitia Producer

  2. Photo of Jorge Dyszel

    Jorge Dyszel Producer

  3. Photo of Guillermo Otero

    Guillermo Otero Producer

  4. Photo of Jorge Poleri

    Jorge Poleri Producer

  5. Photo of Fabián Bielinsky

    Fabián Bielinsky Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ricardo Piglia

    Ricardo Piglia Screenplay

  7. Photo of Fernando Spiner

    Fernando Spiner Screenplay, Director, Producer

  8. Photo of José Luis García

    José Luis García Cinematography

  9. Photo of Eusebio Poncela

    Eusebio Poncela Cast

  10. Photo of Sofía Viruboff

    Sofía Viruboff Cast

  11. Photo of Lorenzo Quinteros

    Lorenzo Quinteros Cast

  12. Photo of Patricio Contreras

    Patricio Contreras Cast

  13. Photo of Gastón Pauls

    Gastón Pauls Cast

  14. Photo of Norman Briski

    Norman Briski Cast

  15. Photo of Alejandro Urdapilleta

    Alejandro Urdapilleta Cast

  16. Photo of Lucrecia Capello

    Lucrecia Capello Cast

  17. Photo of Noemí Frenkel

    Noemí Frenkel Cast

  18. Photo of Martin Slipak

    Martin Slipak Cast

  19. Photo of Pastora Vega

    Pastora Vega Cast

  20. Photo of Facundo Lozano

    Facundo Lozano Cast

  21. Photo of Belén Blanco

    Belén Blanco Cast

  22. Photo of Greta Gleyzer

    Greta Gleyzer Cast

  23. Photo of Claudia Gallegos

    Claudia Gallegos Cast

  24. Photo of Walter Santana

    Walter Santana Cast

  25. Photo of Martín Adjemián

    Martín Adjemián Cast

  26. Photo of Aníbal Guiser

    Aníbal Guiser Cast

  27. Photo of Pía Uribelarrea

    Pía Uribelarrea Cast

  28. Photo of María José Gabín

    María José Gabín Cast

  29. Photo of Silvina Bosco

    Silvina Bosco Cast

  30. Photo of Mario Filgueiras

    Mario Filgueiras Cast

  31. Photo of Norma Angeleri

    Norma Angeleri Cast

  32. Photo of Alejandro Parysow

    Alejandro Parysow Editing

  33. Photo of Leo Sujatovich

    Leo Sujatovich Music

  34. Photo of Carlos Caleca

    Carlos Caleca Sound

  35. Photo of Marcos De Aguirre

    Marcos De Aguirre Sound

  36. Photo of Roberto Espinoza

    Roberto Espinoza Sound

  37. Photo of David Miranda

    David Miranda Sound

  38. Photo of Mauricio Molina

    Mauricio Molina Sound

  39. Photo of Iván Quiroz

    Iván Quiroz Sound