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  1. Photo of Don Bluth

    Don Bluth Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Vance Gerry

    Vance Gerry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Tazewell

    Charles Tazewell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Young

    Peter Young Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sean Marshall

    Sean Marshall Cast

  6. Photo of William Woodson

    William Woodson Cast

  7. Photo of Olan Soule

    Olan Soule Cast

  8. Photo of Hal Smith

    Hal Smith Cast

  9. Photo of Joe Higgins

    Joe Higgins Cast

  10. Photo of Gordon Jump

    Gordon Jump Cast

  11. Photo of Robert F. Brunner

    Robert F. Brunner Music

  12. Photo of Ron Miller

    Ron Miller Producer

  13. Photo of James Melton

    James Melton Editing

  14. Photo of Daniela Bielecka

    Daniela Bielecka Animation

  15. Photo of Jim Coleman

    Jim Coleman Animation

  16. Photo of Lorna Cook

    Lorna Cook Animation

  17. Photo of Gary Goldman

    Gary Goldman Animation

  18. Photo of Heidi Guedel

    Heidi Guedel Animation

  19. Photo of Bill Hajee

    Bill Hajee Animation

  20. Photo of Dan Hansen

    Dan Hansen Animation

  21. Photo of Chuck Harvey

    Chuck Harvey Animation

  22. Photo of Ron Husband

    Ron Husband Animation

  23. Photo of Emily Jiuliano

    Emily Jiuliano Animation

  24. Photo of Linda Miller

    Linda Miller Animation

  25. Photo of Cliff Nordberg

    Cliff Nordberg Animation

  26. Photo of John Pomeroy

    John Pomeroy Animation

  27. Photo of Jerry Rees

    Jerry Rees Animation

  28. Photo of Sylvia Roemer

    Sylvia Roemer Animation

  29. Photo of Walt Stanchfield

    Walt Stanchfield Animation

  30. Photo of Ted Kierscey

    Ted Kierscey Animation

  31. Photo of Dorse A. Lanpher

    Dorse A. Lanpher Animation