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233 Ratings

The Smell of Us

Directed by Larry Clark
France, 2014
Drama, Gay & Lesbian


A story centered around a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris.

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The Smell of Us Directed by Larry Clark

What are people saying?

  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    I don't speak much French, and I watched this with no subtitles, but I loved it anyway. As usual with Larry Clark, there is plenty of sex, violence, and skateboarding. This may be his most visually beautiful film! 2016: Re-watch, this time with subs. I can see why this film would be extremely repulsive to a lot of viewers. I still like it. Like KIDS(1995), it is simultaneously repulsive and beautiful.

  • anarresti's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    Maybe I'm getting old, and the fact that now these kids could be my children is becoming a factor, but suddenly Larry Clark's portrayal of youth seems really nihilistic. I mean... really nihilistic. There was nothing I could hold on to. (and I do remember my whole childhood and teen years). Maybe, just maybe, now it is beggining to be disturbing. Oh Larry, I need to listen to you talk about this. I'm lost.*

  • José Neves's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    The smell, that sensorial physicality, is lost very early in the film, although the work with the adolescents is again magnificent as well the look towards their bodies. Yet, the rest, the small vain fictions and the too diegetically intentional sexual encounters, are a loss of expression as well as the changes of support, coarsely justified with the character of the boy who films, directly or figuratively. A mess.

  • Jason's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    Watched it without English subtitles and my French is such that most of it was gobbledygook to me, but I do understand the international language of awesome.

  • inanrehsemog's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    For me, a Masterpiece. I was absorbed totally by the movie, so deeply. And it has nothing to do with me on a personal level. Some parts, some seconds of this movie, are beautifully perfect. This is an instant masterpiece. And a reminder that I have to dig and explore more films by Larry Clark.

  • Raúl Silva Gómez's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    Podría ser una secuela verdadera a "Kids", podría. Larry Clark logra captar la idea de la juventud pero es difícil plantarla en una realidad más allá del "se siente como". Conocí a muchos chicos así, pero nadie que fuera TAN punkvalemadresdiosestamuerto como ellos. Finalmente, Clark sigue conociendo la juventud a pesar de sus años. Es chavoruco y por eso se rifa. BONUS: Necesito ese box logo, hombre.

  • Jørgen Lien's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    No idea how to rate this film. It's mostly terrible, like everything Clark has done since at least Ken Park; filled with paper-thin characters, leering close-ups and pretentious cutaways, but at least there is some pretention there. Maybe. Or maybe even slightly forgiving this mess is auteurism gone bad. It made me hate myself for detesting it so incoherently, or for not detesting it enough. 2/5, likely downgrade.

  • Marv1n's rating of the film The Smell of Us

    La frustration du réal d'être vieux, message principal du film, est quand même super bien transmise et c'est l'essentiel; concernant les dialogues un peu foireux par moments, faut prendre en compte qu'en France on est assez intransigeants et que les mêmes lignes en anglais on aurait certainement pas relevé...