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  1. Photo of Lev Atamanov

    Lev Atamanov Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nikolay Erdman

    Nikolay Erdman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bob Fisher

    Bob Fisher Screenplay

  4. Photo of Georgiy Grebner

    Georgiy Grebner Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alan Lipscott

    Alan Lipscott Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mikhail Druyan

    Mikhail Druyan Cinematography

  7. Photo of Vladimir Gribkov

    Vladimir Gribkov Cast

  8. Photo of Mariya Babanova

    Mariya Babanova Cast

  9. Photo of Yanina Zhejmo

    Yanina Zhejmo Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Komolova

    Anna Komolova Cast

  11. Photo of Sergei Martinson

    Sergei Martinson Cast

  12. Photo of Galina Kozhakina

    Galina Kozhakina Cast

  13. Photo of Hugo Grimaldi

    Hugo Grimaldi Editing

  14. Photo of Joseph Gershenson

    Joseph Gershenson Music

  15. Photo of Frank Skinner

    Frank Skinner Music

  16. Photo of Nikolai Prilutsky

    Nikolai Prilutsky Sound