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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Snowdrop Festival

    Un véritable petit chef-d'oeuvre tchèque, d'humeur et d'humour qui croque avec ironie et saveur quelques aspects peu reluisants de nos moult travers...

  2. Ogtoma's rating of the film The Snowdrop Festival

    saw this at euroupe film festival, i didn't care much cause the woman teacher look a lot like Mai - someone I love. and I think about her for the rest of film even the teacher didn't show up much in the film. so pretty

  3. redux's rating of the film The Snowdrop Festival

    Menzel does Hrabal again, but the emblematic Czech wackiness is not working this time. For all the micro-realist pretensions, this is tourist souvenir stuff, a vapid idyll about the disarming Bohemia, where all conflicts are solved by drinking more beer. The worst that can happen to you here is a bossy wife, but her screams will be suppressed by the Benny Hill music anyway.