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  1. Photo of Jorge Brum do Canto

    Jorge Brum do Canto Director, Producer, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Maria Emília Vilas

    Maria Emília Vilas Cast

  3. Photo of Barreto Poeira

    Barreto Poeira Cast

  4. Photo of Óscar Lemos

    Óscar Lemos Cast

  5. Photo of Elsa Romina

    Elsa Romina Cast

  6. Photo of João Manuel Pinheiro

    João Manuel Pinheiro Cast

  7. Photo of António Moita

    António Moita Cast

  8. Photo of José Celestino Soares

    José Celestino Soares Cast

  9. Photo of Aquilino Mendes

    Aquilino Mendes Producer and Cinematography

  10. Photo of Peter Meyrowitz

    Peter Meyrowitz Editing

  11. Photo of Paulo Brito Aranha

    Paulo Brito Aranha Sound