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  1. Photo of Charles Ludlam

    Charles Ludlam Director, Producer, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Everett Quinton

    Everett Quinton Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Black-Eyed Susan

    Black-Eyed Susan Cast

  4. Photo of John Brockmeyer

    John Brockmeyer Cast

  5. Photo of Alan Eichler

    Alan Eichler Cast

  6. Photo of Richard France

    Richard France Cast

  7. Photo of Eugene Huss

    Eugene Huss Cast

  8. Photo of Arthur Kraft

    Arthur Kraft Cast

  9. Photo of Gary LeGault

    Gary LeGault Cast

  10. Photo of Morgan Moffat

    Morgan Moffat Cast

  11. Photo of Lola Pashalinski

    Lola Pashalinski Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Poland

    Albert Poland Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Golub

    Peter Golub Music

  14. Photo of Arthur Brady

    Arthur Brady Animation

  15. Photo of Darron L. West

    Darron L. West Sound