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  1. Photo of Isao Yamada

    Isao Yamada Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hiroshi Okada

    Hiroshi Okada Producer

  3. Photo of Uichirô Kitasato

    Uichirô Kitasato Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yoshiharu Tsuge

    Yoshiharu Tsuge Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kazuhiro Shirao

    Kazuhiro Shirao Cinematography, Editing

  6. Photo of Cosmosco

    Cosmosco Cast

  7. Photo of Kinue Fuji

    Kinue Fuji Cast

  8. Photo of Ginpachi ginza

    Ginpachi ginza Cast

  9. Photo of Daisuke Iijima

    Daisuke Iijima Cast

  10. Photo of Mari Kinoshita

    Mari Kinoshita Cast

  11. Photo of Kyômi Kondô

    Kyômi Kondô Cast

  12. Photo of Haruka Nanami

    Haruka Nanami Cast

  13. Photo of Hitomi Shimizu

    Hitomi Shimizu Cast

  14. Photo of Masahiro Sumiyoshi

    Masahiro Sumiyoshi Cast

  15. Photo of Takahiro Tamura

    Takahiro Tamura Cast

  16. Photo of Takeo Kimura

    Takeo Kimura Production Design