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  1. Walker's rating of the film The Southerner

    Renoir paints a sensitively human portrait (as always) of rural life

  2. Lucas Granero's rating of the film The Southerner

    Solo el más humanista de los cineasta puede acercarse al deseo de un hombre por triunfar en el "american way of life" sin volverlo un objeto de egoísmo y maldad. Aquí el mundo se devela como un sistema de obstáculos permanente, que no permite ni un techo en el que no caigan gotas. Pero Renoir, igual que sus personajes, le ofrece a ese mundo su otra mejilla para que siga golpeando fuerte, total nadie lo va a tirar.

  3. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film The Southerner

    The American Renoir's innocence and ingenuity have problems sometimes. Not being the worst movie of this phase, "The Southerner" suffers from archaic stereotypes in a caricatured and simplistic story, some failed roles and some clumsy shots. But as it has a unique sensitivity (which would only be surpassed by "This Land is Mine"), the movie earns a bunch of unforgettable moments.

  4. Aardsy's rating of the film The Southerner

    Misery for the whole family.

  5. Terry_Moby's rating of the film The Southerner

    Solid film with a particular strong performance by Scott. There is no Hollywood-sentimentality here, just a plain story told straight.

  6. Morgan Sidky's rating of the film The Southerner

    It's a bit too silly, but the ending really redeems it. It has an almost religious feeling.

  7. Panayiota Liouliou's rating of the film The Southerner

    The end hit me like a ton of bricks. Renoir astutely encapsulates the American spirit towards adversity. A movie about a man with undying optimism amidst the many various harsh realities of his world.

  8. João Biscaia's rating of the film The Southerner

    Bland and arrhythmical. Awful casting and character writing misses the point - it's hard to feel moved by what is happening to the characters with so much comic relief going around.

  9. INVISIBLE | Gazette #3's rating of the film The Southerner

    "Not the best of Renoir", is said, and it might be truth. Nevertheless it opens a window to another time and another world. An exotic reality that escapes the naive and pure of this classic fiction. This simple and poetic emanates beautiful and strong images, and really powerful scenes. The archaic technology of the shooting, and the way of the screenwriting become something worth of thought. --Lorenzo Canina

  10. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film The Southerner

    I enjoyed the movie. It was about Texas, about farming, and about the original American dream. Special sympathy for the granny who knew how to curse and complain in that very funny old fashioned American southerner states way.

  11. El Biffo's rating of the film The Southerner

    Renoir really went downhill after LA REGLE DE JEU (1939). I love all his work in French, and love the silent LITTLE MATCH GIRL, but his later work leaves much to be desired. Hollywood has an overwhelming power to reduce even the greatest European film makers to its level. Some good camerawork doesn't make up for this being just another mid-century Hollywood product. The grandma is an exceptionally poor archetype.

  12. JaKingRel's rating of the film The Southerner

    Renoir taking on puritanical America, oh, and he's in the SOUTH. You can tell a Frenchman directed this by the way sex is depicted, or the fact it's even hinted at.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film The Southerner

    Renoir's take on American sharecropping has some fine moments and on second watch enjoyed the bland but heartfelt performances of its leads Scott and Field. Quite amusing was the turn by Beulah Bondi as the old curmudgeon Granny Well shot mostly on location with often a near documentary feel to it this slice of Americana, dashed dreams and hope has a certain timeless quality and offers few but rich rewards.

  14. Ethan's rating of the film The Southerner

    The great Jean Renoir really captures how farming is neither fun nor easy and the people it takes to really do the work.

  15. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film The Southerner

    Besides having the farts, this was a very pleasant Thursday afternoon viewing! Very mix feelings on this. I love the Renior mixed formalism and realism. So graceful. So beautiful to look at. And his humanistic lens is there in all its glory but it didn't leave much of an impression on me. Really a 3 1/2 star movie. Next time I'll make sure I don't have the farts!

  16. ach's rating of the film The Southerner

    si può sempre ricominciare con un pizzico di fortuna .. nella grande mala sorte

  17. chanandre's rating of the film The Southerner

    [Cinémathèque PT #357: 35 mm]

  18. abbacowe's rating of the film The Southerner

    Not necessarily one of Renoir's best, but worth watching. The scene in the doctor's office is quintessential Renoir: the doctor is holding the child on his lap -- no other director would have done such a thing, but it adds such a simple sweetness to the scene.