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  1. Photo of Christian Merlhiot

    Christian Merlhiot Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Boris Alestchenkoff

    Boris Alestchenkoff Cast

  3. Photo of Serge Avédikian

    Serge Avédikian Cast

  4. Photo of Christelle Gachon

    Christelle Gachon Cast

  5. Photo of Jacqueline Guillet Leroux

    Jacqueline Guillet Leroux Cast

  6. Photo of Manuela Morgaine

    Manuela Morgaine Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Charles Fitoussi

    Jean-Charles Fitoussi Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Lindecker

    Jacques Lindecker Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Ezan

    Hugo Ezan Cast

  10. Photo of Anne Dubost

    Anne Dubost Cast

  11. Photo of Patrick Neu

    Patrick Neu Cast

  12. Photo of David Prot

    David Prot Cast

  13. Photo of Marie-Noelle Décoret

    Marie-Noelle Décoret Cast

  14. Photo of Amalia Escriva

    Amalia Escriva Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Didi-Huberman

    Georges Didi-Huberman Cast

  16. Photo of Patrice Ceccarini

    Patrice Ceccarini Cast

  17. Photo of Jean-Pierre Angremy

    Jean-Pierre Angremy Cast

  18. Photo of Gilles Arnaud

    Gilles Arnaud Cinematography

  19. Photo of Jacqueline Guillet-Leroux

    Jacqueline Guillet-Leroux Editing

  20. Photo of Pascale Mons

    Pascale Mons Sound