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  1. Photo of Joseph Sargent

    Joseph Sargent Director

  2. Photo of Peter Allan Fields

    Peter Allan Fields Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sam Rolfe

    Sam Rolfe Screenplay

  4. Photo of David Victor

    David Victor Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn Cast

  6. Photo of David McCallum

    David McCallum Cast

  7. Photo of Jack Palance

    Jack Palance Cast

  8. Photo of Janet Leigh

    Janet Leigh Cast

  9. Photo of Leticia Roman

    Leticia Roman Cast

  10. Photo of Leo G. Carroll

    Leo G. Carroll Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Blondell

    Joan Blondell Cast

  12. Photo of Eduardo Ciannelli

    Eduardo Ciannelli Cast

  13. Photo of Allen Jenkins

    Allen Jenkins Cast

  14. Photo of Jack La Rue

    Jack La Rue Cast

  15. Photo of Elisha Cook Jr.

    Elisha Cook Jr. Cast

  16. Photo of Will Kuluva

    Will Kuluva Cast

  17. Photo of Penny Santon

    Penny Santon Cast

  18. Photo of Frank Puglia

    Frank Puglia Cast

  19. Photo of Vincent Beck

    Vincent Beck Cast

  20. Photo of Ludwig Donath

    Ludwig Donath Cast

  21. Photo of Fred J. Koenekamp

    Fred J. Koenekamp Cinematography

  22. Photo of Nelson Riddle

    Nelson Riddle Music

  23. Photo of Boris Ingster

    Boris Ingster Producer

  24. Photo of Irv Pearlberg

    Irv Pearlberg Producer

  25. Photo of Norman Felton

    Norman Felton Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Joseph Dervin

    Joseph Dervin Editing

  27. Photo of Ray Williford

    Ray Williford Editing