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  1. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Ernesto Gastaldi

    Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergio Martino

    Sergio Martino Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Cast

  5. Photo of Dominique Boschero

    Dominique Boschero Cast

  6. Photo of Wandisa Guida

    Wandisa Guida Cast

  7. Photo of Luciano Pigozzi

    Luciano Pigozzi Cast

  8. Photo of Aldo Cecconi

    Aldo Cecconi Cast

  9. Photo of Carla Calò

    Carla Calò Cast

  10. Photo of Clément Harari

    Clément Harari Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Ozenne

    Jean Ozenne Cast

  12. Photo of Alcide Borik

    Alcide Borik Cast

  13. Photo of Carolyn De Fonseca

    Carolyn De Fonseca Cast

  14. Photo of Ted Rusoff

    Ted Rusoff Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Spafford

    Robert Spafford Cast

  16. Photo of Riccardo Pallottini

    Riccardo Pallottini Cinematography

  17. Photo of Carlo Savina

    Carlo Savina Music

  18. Photo of Mino Loy

    Mino Loy Producer

  19. Photo of Floriano Trenker

    Floriano Trenker Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Roberto Cinquini

    Roberto Cinquini Editing