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  1. Omar M.'s rating of the film The Square

  2. s.birowo's rating of the film The Square

    An evocative documentary of Egyptian expostulation. Nice one

  3. Nathan Hopkins's rating of the film The Square

    A truly penetrating, and sharply realized look at the harsh realities of struggle for political freedom, what is most incredible about The Square is despite the death and violence brought about by revolution, the undefeated optimism of its characters as they seek to make a better future for their country. Its gritty style puts the viewer into Tahrir itself, from its greatest triumphs to rawest horror. Watch it.

  4. Feng Ling's rating of the film The Square

    a 21st century rendition of the same old lessons: 枪杆子里面出政权; "real" & "peaceful" change all, to some degree, rely on benevolent despots; be careful about your slogan when u have the momentum (not 'down Mubarak', but 'new constitution NOW'); befriend only who you CAN trust; mass mobilization is fragile, for it interrupts everyone's daily broil; religious fervor and material gain unfortunately beats reason and ideal.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film The Square

  6. mpho3's rating of the film The Square

    "Tak[ing] [viewers] on an immensely moving emotional journey through hope, betrayal, perseverance and surpassing courage ... The Square is altogether remarkable: elegantly shot and structured but infused with rough, spontaneous energy; global in its consciousness but intimate in its approach; carefully pitched but emotionally wrenching; deeply troubling but ultimately exhilarating."-Ann Hornaday, Washington Post 4.5

  7. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Square

    The Square is such a phenomenal documentary piece that truly sticks with you long after finishing it. The ground-level style of filmmaking puts you right in all of the terrible action, even though you are always aware of how unaware you really are. An eye-opening companion to Winter On Fire.

  8. Mert Kızılay's rating of the film The Square

    Very well documented. This is a reality, that everyone should see

  9. crystal meff's rating of the film The Square

  10. Helen Claes's rating of the film The Square

  11. Taylor's rating of the film The Square

  12. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film The Square

    I loved the people and characters in this film. When the movie was over all I wanted to do was keep watching to see what happened to them now.

  13. Huo Jinyun's rating of the film The Square

    the world is a wedding, let the conscience be your bride

  14. Seynsgeschichte's rating of the film The Square

    Watching this movie evoked feelings of indescribable sadness but also kindled a flicker of hope that I had assumed had died out.

  15. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Square

    A very wonderful documentary that covers the issue with care and even handedness. It doesn't matter whether you are an expert on the subject or completely in the dark, the film will enlighten you in some way. What this film truly excels at is the human element for the people on the ground, giving the gravity to it regardless of how many miles you are away from the events.

  16. thivai abhor's rating of the film The Square

    I've seen this three times and each times I am moved by the passion of the participants and their struggle. Particularly interesting is how the different perspectives/positions of the activists are engaged, come into conflict, and are worked out. Also the use of media in this struggle is very important. Each viewing becomes even more heartbreaking with the knowledge of what has happened since.

  17. Ezuzuzu's rating of the film The Square

    As a citizen of Republic of Turkey, we have been through the similiar but in a way different processes since 2013, Gezi Park protests. We are still demanding for justice and civil rights. I hope the best for Turkey, Egypt and all the middle easterners.

  18. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film The Square

  19. DarthVader's rating of the film The Square

    Devrimin en büyük başarısı, çocukların artık "eylem" adında bir oyunlarının olması mıdır? Yoksa "lider değil vicdan aradıklarını" söyleyen bir bilincin doğuşu ve diğer insanlara yayılışı mı? Öyle ya da böyle her meydan sonunda boş kalır ve her zaman devletler, milletler, şirketler gibi hayali gerçeklerin insafına kalan, birey gibi nesnel gerçekler olur.

  20. umut kuzu's rating of the film The Square

  21. eozd's rating of the film The Square

    "Biz lider aramiyoruz; biz vicdan ariyoruz." Ulkenin basinda kimin oldugu, ulkenin nasil yonetildigi asil onemli olan degil. Butun bireylerin birbirlerini sirf birer insan oldugu icin sevebildigi, bu esitlikci, sevgi uzerine kurulmus dayanismaci birlikteligin olusturulabildigi bir topluma ihtiyac var. Bunu bir utopik hayal olmaktan kurtarip gercege donusturmenin yolu her nerede ise oraya gitmemiz gerek.

  22. erenacik's rating of the film The Square

    "biz tüm mısırın tahrir meydanı gibi düşündüğne inanmıştık... neymiş efendim, islamcıdan ve ordudan demokrat çıkmaz imiş...

  23. Ender UÇUM's rating of the film The Square

  24. Magne Klasson's rating of the film The Square

    A gripping and inspiring look inside the young voices behind the Egyptian revolution.

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