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  1. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Director

  2. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Cast

  4. Photo of Povel Ramel

    Povel Ramel Cast

  5. Photo of Martin Ljung

    Martin Ljung Cast

  6. Photo of Gunwer Bergkvist

    Gunwer Bergkvist Cast

  7. Photo of Yvonne Lombard

    Yvonne Lombard Cast

  8. Photo of Sigge Fürst

    Sigge Fürst Cast

  9. Photo of Georg Funkquist

    Georg Funkquist Cast

  10. Photo of Siv Ericks

    Siv Ericks Cast

  11. Photo of Stig Järrel

    Stig Järrel Cast

  12. Photo of Oscar Rundqvist

    Oscar Rundqvist Cast

  13. Photo of Tore Bark

    Tore Bark Cast

  14. Photo of Lissi Alandh

    Lissi Alandh Cast

  15. Photo of Erik 'Bullen' Berglund

    Erik 'Bullen' Berglund Cast

  16. Photo of Gunnar Sjöberg

    Gunnar Sjöberg Cast

  17. Photo of Birgitta Valberg

    Birgitta Valberg Cast

  18. Photo of Sif Ruud

    Sif Ruud Cast

  19. Photo of Georg Rydeberg

    Georg Rydeberg Cast

  20. Photo of Ingvar Kjellson

    Ingvar Kjellson Cast

  21. Photo of Jan-Erik Lindqvist

    Jan-Erik Lindqvist Cast

  22. Photo of Göthe Grefbo

    Göthe Grefbo Cast

  23. Photo of Yngve Gamlin

    Yngve Gamlin Cast