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  1. Photo of Mark Kovalyov

    Mark Kovalyov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vladimir Polin

    Vladimir Polin Director

  3. Photo of Vladimir Smirnov

    Vladimir Smirnov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Boris Travkin

    Boris Travkin Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vladimir Ivashov

    Vladimir Ivashov Cast

  6. Photo of Yuri Gusev

    Yuri Gusev Cast

  7. Photo of Timofey Spivak

    Timofey Spivak Cast

  8. Photo of Valentina Titova

    Valentina Titova Cast

  9. Photo of Emmanuil Vitorgan

    Emmanuil Vitorgan Cast

  10. Photo of Vilnis Bekeris

    Vilnis Bekeris Cast

  11. Photo of Boris Kazin

    Boris Kazin Cast

  12. Photo of Vyacheslav Gostinsky

    Vyacheslav Gostinsky Cast

  13. Photo of Khazrail Shumakhov

    Khazrail Shumakhov Cast

  14. Photo of Aleksandr Rogovin

    Aleksandr Rogovin Cast

  15. Photo of Leonid Kmit

    Leonid Kmit Cast

  16. Photo of Vladimir Fastenko

    Vladimir Fastenko Cinematography

  17. Photo of Boris Rychkov

    Boris Rychkov Music

  18. Photo of Vitali Gladnikov

    Vitali Gladnikov Production Design