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  1. Photo of Bruno Barreto

    Bruno Barreto Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Isabel Câmara

    Isabel Câmara Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carlos Diegues

    Carlos Diegues Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marques Rebelo

    Marques Rebelo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Leopoldo Serran

    Leopoldo Serran Screenplay

  6. Photo of Betty Faria

    Betty Faria Cast

  7. Photo of Wilson Grey

    Wilson Grey Cast

  8. Photo of Vanda Lacerda

    Vanda Lacerda Cast

  9. Photo of Odete Lara

    Odete Lara Cast

  10. Photo of Letícia Magalhães

    Letícia Magalhães Cast

  11. Photo of Luís Carlos Miele

    Luís Carlos Miele Cast

  12. Photo of Paulo Neves

    Paulo Neves Cast

  13. Photo of Grande Otelo

    Grande Otelo Cast

  14. Photo of Paulo César Peréio

    Paulo César Peréio Cast

  15. Photo of Labanca

    Labanca Cast

  16. Photo of André José Adler

    André José Adler Cast

  17. Photo of Álvaro Aguiar

    Álvaro Aguiar Cast

  18. Photo of Roberto Bonfim

    Roberto Bonfim Cast

  19. Photo of Marie Claude

    Marie Claude Cast

  20. Photo of Nelson Dantas

    Nelson Dantas Cast

  21. Photo of Carlos Eduardo Dolabella

    Carlos Eduardo Dolabella Cast

  22. Photo of Thaís Portinho

    Thaís Portinho Cast

  23. Photo of Geraldo Sobreira

    Geraldo Sobreira Cast

  24. Photo of Neila Tavares

    Neila Tavares Cast

  25. Photo of Victor Zambito

    Victor Zambito Cast

  26. Photo of Irma Álvarez

    Irma Álvarez Cast

  27. Photo of Murilo Salles

    Murilo Salles Cinematography

  28. Photo of Francis Hime

    Francis Hime Music

  29. Photo of Lucy Barreto

    Lucy Barreto Producer

  30. Photo of Walter Clark

    Walter Clark Producer

  31. Photo of Paulo C. Sesso

    Paulo C. Sesso Producer

  32. Photo of Aloisio Salles

    Aloisio Salles Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Raimundo Higino

    Raimundo Higino Editing

  34. Photo of Joaquim Fonseca

    Joaquim Fonseca Sound

  35. Photo of Victor Raposeiro

    Victor Raposeiro Sound