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  1. Photo of Branimir Tori Jankovic

    Branimir Tori Jankovic Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mira Stupica

    Mira Stupica Cast

  3. Photo of Velimir 'Bata' Živoinović

    Velimir 'Bata' Živoinović Cast

  4. Photo of Rade Šerbedžija

    Rade Šerbedžija Cast

  5. Photo of Dragomir Felba

    Dragomir Felba Cast

  6. Photo of Adem Cejvan

    Adem Cejvan Cast

  7. Photo of Branislav-Ciga Milenković

    Branislav-Ciga Milenković Cast

  8. Photo of Vasa Pantelic

    Vasa Pantelic Cast

  9. Photo of Janez Vrhovec

    Janez Vrhovec Cast

  10. Photo of Ljubomir Ubavkic

    Ljubomir Ubavkic Cast

  11. Photo of Milos Kandic

    Milos Kandic Cast

  12. Photo of Buda Jeremic

    Buda Jeremic Cast

  13. Photo of Ljuba Kovacevic

    Ljuba Kovacevic Cast

  14. Photo of Slavko Zamola

    Slavko Zamola Cast

  15. Photo of Ljiljana Jovanovic

    Ljiljana Jovanovic Cast

  16. Photo of Gizela Vukovic

    Gizela Vukovic Cast

  17. Photo of Zorana Pauljev

    Zorana Pauljev Cast

  18. Photo of Andja Rodic

    Andja Rodic Cast

  19. Photo of Radmila Ubavkic

    Radmila Ubavkic Cast

  20. Photo of Mileva Zikic

    Mileva Zikic Cast

  21. Photo of Bruno Gajic

    Bruno Gajic Cast

  22. Photo of Dragoljub Nenadovic

    Dragoljub Nenadovic Cast

  23. Photo of Petar Nenkovic

    Petar Nenkovic Cast

  24. Photo of Nikola Jurin

    Nikola Jurin Cast

  25. Photo of Rastislav Jovic

    Rastislav Jovic Cast

  26. Photo of Sveta Vasiljevic

    Sveta Vasiljevic Cast

  27. Photo of Branko Andrejevic

    Branko Andrejevic Cast

  28. Photo of Slavica Djilas

    Slavica Djilas Cast

  29. Photo of Marko Babic

    Marko Babic Cast

  30. Photo of Mirko Babic

    Mirko Babic Cast

  31. Photo of Aleksander Petkovic

    Aleksander Petkovic Cinematography

  32. Photo of Vojislav Kostic

    Vojislav Kostic Music

  33. Photo of Vlastimir Gavrik

    Vlastimir Gavrik Production Design

  34. Photo of Ljerka Stanojevic

    Ljerka Stanojevic Editing

  35. Photo of Mirjana Ostojić

    Mirjana Ostojić Costume Design