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  1. Photo of Gustav Ucicky

    Gustav Ucicky Director

  2. Photo of Alexander Pushkin

    Alexander Pushkin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gerhard Menzel

    Gerhard Menzel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karl Hartl

    Karl Hartl Producer

  5. Photo of Erich von Neusser

    Erich von Neusser Producer

  6. Photo of Hans Schneeberger

    Hans Schneeberger Cinematography

  7. Photo of Rudolf Schaad

    Rudolf Schaad Editing

  8. Photo of Kurt Herlth

    Kurt Herlth Production Design

  9. Photo of Werner Schlichting

    Werner Schlichting Production Design

  10. Photo of Willy Schmidt-Gentner

    Willy Schmidt-Gentner Music

  11. Photo of Alfred Norkus

    Alfred Norkus Sound

  12. Photo of Heinrich George

    Heinrich George Cast

  13. Photo of Hilde Krahl

    Hilde Krahl Cast

  14. Photo of Siegfried Breuer

    Siegfried Breuer Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Holt

    Hans Holt Cast

  16. Photo of Ruth Hellberg

    Ruth Hellberg Cast

  17. Photo of Margit Symo

    Margit Symo Cast

  18. Photo of Erik Frey

    Erik Frey Cast

  19. Photo of Alfred Neugebauer

    Alfred Neugebauer Cast

  20. Photo of Franz Pfaudler

    Franz Pfaudler Cast

  21. Photo of Leo Peukert

    Leo Peukert Cast

  22. Photo of Reinhold Häussermann

    Reinhold Häussermann Cast

  23. Photo of Auguste Pünkösdy

    Auguste Pünkösdy Cast

  24. Photo of Oskar Wegrostek

    Oskar Wegrostek Cast

  25. Photo of Hugo Gottschlich

    Hugo Gottschlich Cast

  26. Photo of Anton Pointner

    Anton Pointner Cast

  27. Photo of Karl Ehmann

    Karl Ehmann Cast

  28. Photo of Mimi Stelzer

    Mimi Stelzer Cast

  29. Photo of Edwin Juergenssen

    Edwin Juergenssen Cast

  30. Photo of Bernhard Wicki

    Bernhard Wicki Cast