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  1. Photo of Jirí Weiss

    Jirí Weiss Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Miloslav Fábera

    Miloslav Fábera Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bohumil Stepánek

    Bohumil Stepánek Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ladislav H. Struna

    Ladislav H. Struna Cast

  5. Photo of Rudolf Deyl

    Rudolf Deyl Cast

  6. Photo of Rudolf Siroký

    Rudolf Siroký Cast

  7. Photo of Josef Marsálek

    Josef Marsálek Cast

  8. Photo of Eduard Linkers

    Eduard Linkers Cast

  9. Photo of Sasa Rasilov

    Sasa Rasilov Cast

  10. Photo of Milica Kolofiková

    Milica Kolofiková Cast

  11. Photo of J.O. Martin

    J.O. Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Karel Effa

    Karel Effa Cast

  13. Photo of Miroslav Holub

    Miroslav Holub Cast

  14. Photo of Vilém Pfeiffer

    Vilém Pfeiffer Cast

  15. Photo of Marie Nademlejnská

    Marie Nademlejnská Cast

  16. Photo of Terezie Brzková

    Terezie Brzková Cast

  17. Photo of Jana Koulova

    Jana Koulova Cast

  18. Photo of Hynek Nemec

    Hynek Nemec Cast

  19. Photo of Karel Peyr

    Karel Peyr Cast

  20. Photo of Bohumil Slabihoudek

    Bohumil Slabihoudek Cast

  21. Photo of Jaroslav Orlický

    Jaroslav Orlický Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Vrchota

    Robert Vrchota Cast

  23. Photo of Elvíra Lammerová

    Elvíra Lammerová Cast

  24. Photo of Vlastimil Brodský

    Vlastimil Brodský Cast

  25. Photo of Josef Bulík

    Josef Bulík Cast

  26. Photo of Stanislav Valenta

    Stanislav Valenta Cast

  27. Photo of Jan Roth

    Jan Roth Cinematography

  28. Photo of Jirí Srnka

    Jirí Srnka Music

  29. Photo of Ferdinand Fiala

    Ferdinand Fiala Production Design

  30. Photo of Robert Vyhlídka

    Robert Vyhlídka Producer

  31. Photo of Antonín Zelenka

    Antonín Zelenka Editing