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  1. O...'s rating of the film The Stone

    "I remember oatmeal with soup, tea, little rolls in the shape of larks, with raisins instead of eyes... I remember smoked salmon, grouse, baked ham with a poached egg, a red cabbage salad, pancakes with raisin, blini with sour cream, caviar, jam, cold pork, with a sprig of parsley". Saudade invernal de un fantasma que susurra. Ah, la niebla, el frío de la memoria.

  2. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film The Stone

    This film will infuriate many for although it involves a meeting with Chekhov it contains characters who don't talk in that Chekhovian manner but inhabit the scenes like figures stuck in a silent film, one that lingers longer than even the most primitive of early cinema. However, if you think of these inky b&w static shots as objects of contemplation it resembles a C. D. Friedrichs painting put on film.

  3. Somnia Buratino's rating of the film The Stone

    I so didn't get this film... And I didn't really enjoy it either.

  4. Marvin's rating of the film The Stone

    Sokurov crafts yet another seemingly intractable film and the Cinema Guild DVD comes with great commentary from James Quandt which helps a lot in making sense out of this picture. It reminds me of THE SECOND CIRCLE, another fine film Sokurov directed around the same time.

  5. Joks's rating of the film The Stone

    Sokurov's first masterpiece; this is where the elements of his distinctive style fell into place. A beautiful elegy for a bygone era, and for cultural obsolescence

  6. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Stone

    И скучно и грустно, и некому руку подать