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  1. Photo of Demetrio Stratos

    Demetrio Stratos Cast and Music

  2. Photo of Luciano D'Onofrio

    Luciano D'Onofrio Director

  3. Photo of Maurizio Perrone

    Maurizio Perrone Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Rooute1 - Torino

    Rooute1 - Torino Producer

  5. Photo of L. D'Onofrio

    L. D'Onofrio Screenplay

  6. Photo of Angelo Santovito

    Angelo Santovito Cinematography

  7. Photo of Dario Nepote

    Dario Nepote Editing

  8. Photo of Mieko Guerra

    Mieko Guerra Sound

  9. Photo of M. Affatato

    M. Affatato Screenplay

  10. Photo of Pier Milanese

    Pier Milanese Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Monica Affatato

    Monica Affatato Director