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  1. Photo of Marvin J. Chomsky

    Marvin J. Chomsky Director

  2. Photo of Zdenek Mahler

    Zdenek Mahler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anthony Higgins

    Anthony Higgins Cast

  4. Photo of Stephen McGann

    Stephen McGann Cast

  5. Photo of Edward Fox

    Edward Fox Cast

  6. Photo of Alice Krige

    Alice Krige Cast

  7. Photo of John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies Cast

  8. Photo of Cherie Lunghi

    Cherie Lunghi Cast

  9. Photo of Lisa Harrow

    Lisa Harrow Cast

  10. Photo of Anton Lesser

    Anton Lesser Cast

  11. Photo of David Yelland

    David Yelland Cast

  12. Photo of Duncan Bell

    Duncan Bell Cast

  13. Photo of Adrian Lukis

    Adrian Lukis Cast

  14. Photo of Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff Cast

  15. Photo of Ronald Lacey

    Ronald Lacey Cast

  16. Photo of Geoffrey Whitehead

    Geoffrey Whitehead Cast

  17. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  18. Photo of Jane Arden

    Jane Arden Cast

  19. Photo of Paris Jefferson

    Paris Jefferson Cast

  20. Photo of Julia Stemberger

    Julia Stemberger Cast

  21. Photo of Sophie Ward

    Sophie Ward Cast

  22. Photo of Emma Bowe

    Emma Bowe Cast

  23. Photo of Emily Richard

    Emily Richard Cast

  24. Photo of Krista Stadler

    Krista Stadler Cast

  25. Photo of Christopher Benjamin

    Christopher Benjamin Cast

  26. Photo of Wolfgang Böck

    Wolfgang Böck Cast

  27. Photo of Roger Booth

    Roger Booth Cast

  28. Photo of Dietrich Hollinderbäumer

    Dietrich Hollinderbäumer Cast

  29. Photo of Colin Jeavons

    Colin Jeavons Cast

  30. Photo of Trevor Peacock

    Trevor Peacock Cast

  31. Photo of Gérard Vandenberg

    Gérard Vandenberg Cinematography

  32. Photo of Laurence Rosenthal

    Laurence Rosenthal Music

  33. Photo of Thomas Riccabona

    Thomas Riccabona Production Design

  34. Photo of Peter Manhardt

    Peter Manhardt Production Design

  35. Photo of Werner Swossil

    Werner Swossil Producer

  36. Photo of Kurt J. Mrkwicka

    Kurt J. Mrkwicka Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Petra von Oelffen

    Petra von Oelffen Editing

  38. Photo of Ulrike Fessler

    Ulrike Fessler Costume Design