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  1. Photo of Miguel M. Delgado

    Miguel M. Delgado Director

  2. Photo of Cantinflas

    Cantinflas Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Isaac Díaz Araiza

    Isaac Díaz Araiza Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernando Galiana

    Fernando Galiana Screenplay

  5. Photo of María Sorté

    María Sorté Cast

  6. Photo of Ursula Prats

    Ursula Prats Cast

  7. Photo of Luz Elena Silva

    Luz Elena Silva Cast

  8. Photo of Eduardo Alcaraz

    Eduardo Alcaraz Cast

  9. Photo of Federico González

    Federico González Cast

  10. Photo of Rosalío Solano

    Rosalío Solano Cinematography

  11. Photo of Gustavo César Carrión

    Gustavo César Carrión Music

  12. Photo of Jacques Gelman

    Jacques Gelman Producer

  13. Photo of Gloria Schoemann

    Gloria Schoemann Editing