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  1. Photo of Pantelis Voulgaris

    Pantelis Voulgaris Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Menis Koumantareas

    Menis Koumantareas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vangelis Raptopoulos

    Vangelis Raptopoulos Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stamatis Spanoudakis

    Stamatis Spanoudakis Music

  5. Photo of Alexis Grivas

    Alexis Grivas Cinematography

  6. Photo of Takis Yannopoulos

    Takis Yannopoulos Editing

  7. Photo of Ioulia Stavridou

    Ioulia Stavridou Production Design

  8. Photo of Andreas Ahladis

    Andreas Ahladis Sound

  9. Photo of Stratos Tzortzoglou

    Stratos Tzortzoglou Cast

  10. Photo of Themis Bazaka

    Themis Bazaka Cast

  11. Photo of Nikos Bousdoukos

    Nikos Bousdoukos Cast

  12. Photo of Stamatis Jelepis

    Stamatis Jelepis Cast

  13. Photo of Katia Sperelaki

    Katia Sperelaki Cast

  14. Photo of Nikos Tsachiridis

    Nikos Tsachiridis Cast

  15. Photo of Kostas Kleftogiannis

    Kostas Kleftogiannis Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Avgoula

    Anna Avgoula Cast

  17. Photo of Stavros Kalaroglou

    Stavros Kalaroglou Cast

  18. Photo of Zano Danias

    Zano Danias Cast