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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Colin Edgar's rating of the film The String

    very cute and sweet... seemingly told much more from a French perspective than a Tunisian one, but it's cute and sweet which seems to be the aim.

  2. aikeart's rating of the film The String

    Película necesaria. Luego de saber quién es Claudia Cardinale, volver a ver el amor entre dos tunecinos es un placer.

  3. Trias's rating of the film The String

    A pretty human display of the complexities of love, from simple sexual desire to a complex motherly. And how the love we receive and give ties us to people and circumstances such as deceit and lies in order to acheive happiness.

  4. INVISIBLE Gazette 2's rating of the film The String

    Una mirada diferente a la habitual en el cine de temática gay, al enfocar la atención en el conflicto materno para aceptar que el hijo tenga una preferencia distinta, aunque sin profundizar del todo en el proceso de aceptación de ella.

  5. ramosbarajas's rating of the film The String

    The characters and performances were the most interesting thing for me. The story is very rewarding for an audience looking for a happy story. I'm not sure if overall it is a good film, but I enjoyed it. That said, it has its flaws however, mostly that the film is told from an European point of view, rather than a truly Tunisian perspective.