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  1. Photo of Ali Hatami

    Ali Hatami Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zahra Hatami

    Zahra Hatami Cast

  3. Photo of Sadegh Bahrami

    Sadegh Bahrami Cast

  4. Photo of Nozar Azadi

    Nozar Azadi Cast

  5. Photo of Diana

    Diana Cast

  6. Photo of Reza Karam Rezai

    Reza Karam Rezai Cast

  7. Photo of Jamshid Layegh

    Jamshid Layegh Cast

  8. Photo of Enayat Bakhshi

    Enayat Bakhshi Cast

  9. Photo of Jahangir Forouhar

    Jahangir Forouhar Cast

  10. Photo of Mehri Vadadian

    Mehri Vadadian Cast

  11. Photo of Farokhlagha Hushmand

    Farokhlagha Hushmand Cast

  12. Photo of Mahmud Bahrami

    Mahmud Bahrami Cast

  13. Photo of Reza Hushmand

    Reza Hushmand Cast

  14. Photo of Bagher Sahraroodi

    Bagher Sahraroodi Cast

  15. Photo of Ali Reza Zarrindast

    Ali Reza Zarrindast Cinematography

  16. Photo of Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh

    Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh Music

  17. Photo of Parviz Sayyad

    Parviz Sayyad Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Hadi Saber

    Hadi Saber Editing