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  1. mis marg's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    "Hey, can you eavesdrop on someone else's life? thank you......" and shadows of a life already lived and suffered and intervened with. Amazing rides across to Az. and self affirmations, "You're looking pretty, you're looking good". Tough alone teen, with bags of front. "Otro dia,otro meurte.."

  2. McOpinionated's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    AWFUL. It's hard to pick out one bit that is the worst, but perhaps the music, soundtrack & editing? +1 stars for the landscapes, but the cultural exploitation for mainstream "entertainment" is embarrassing. WH's acting and the back-story for his characters is so poor I got up and walked around. I bet he has NEVER watched this.

  3. Isira's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Starts very well with tension & fear then evolves into unbelievable road movie with too many elements: the ‘evil white man vs Native American’ sideline story distracts from the complete epiphany of Dr Reynolds. The limited dialogue of Blue (mainly “mofo” swear words) also doesn’t allow a complete glimpse into his psyche...but almost. The film almost makes it. Harrelson is excellent as is the camera.

  4. Dean Owen Jones's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Yeah, this was more of a sketch for a film than an actual, finished movie in many ways. Also the different scenarios were cliched as heck at nearly every turn, making it part low-budget flick, part made-for-TV-movie narrative. Stunning landscapes, but otherwise, again, the sort of film only old white guys get away with making, to the boredom/bemusement of most of the rest of us.

  5. Ramzi's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Enjoyed it at first but wore thin. File this under "90's wokeness that has not aged well".

  6. DanielSpeight's rating of the film The Sunchaser

  7. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Woody Harrelson and Jon Seda star in this decidedly average film from Michael Cimino. Harrelson is an oncologist taken hostage by a dying patient (Seda) who figures that he deserves a break from serving time in the American penal system. It's a kidnapping road trip movie, and we've seen it done many times before, and often a lot better, but Harrelson and Seda do well in the lead roles.

  8. Alice's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Take a storyline with potential and shit all over it. Find scraps of soundtrack on cutting room floors, paste on a film whenever 'something' happens, use every cliche till it becomes tiring and somehow not ruin anyone's' career or reputation. Love Hollywood! LOL

  9. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    In case you needed further reason why Harrelson is one of the most underrated actors of his generation. A quite unique film, with a wonderful bromance at its core that seems unlikely at first but blooms naturally to make the whole ride quite worthwhile.

  10. mirklete's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Very silly, went along with it until suddenly it goes all father/son at which I went yeucch and bailed out. If you've got flu and you're in bed and you need something completely banal to keep your mind off the ache, this is for you. Daytime TV.

  11. Peter Walsh's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    At times too straightforwards, at other times it touches on the profound. An unexpected companion piece to Natural Born Killers, and hard to fathom that this came later. Woody Harrelson in Cars might even make a good list...

  12. mávros skýlos's rating of the film The Sunchaser

  13. William's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    This shouldn't work anywhere near as well as it does; all praise to Cimino's energy and filmmaking exuberance.

  14. Matt Reddick's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Bored me in the beginning but by the time they hit Navajo area, I was captivated by the beautiful framing of the landscapes.... Maurice Jarre's score was awful and overbearing.

  15. José Neves's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    4,5. 35mm. A little less stereotypical secondary characters, as well as the bourgeois couple relationship, and this film would be the masterpiece that it is in most of its length. How many contemporary North-American filmmakers can claim this ability to shoot and edit, this inebriated narration rhythm? A great classic that begins with Walsh or Fuller's kinesthesia and ends with Ford's redemption of "Cheyenne Autumn".

  16. Beatrice Lorenzini's rating of the film The Sunchaser

  17. Mark Garrett's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Insufferable redemption attempt by Cimino for the wrong film (Heaven's Gate instead of Deer Hunter)

  18. jimmymarkum's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    May beauty be before me. May beauty be behind me. May beauty be above me. May beauty be below me. May beauty be all around me

  19. João''s rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Michael Cimino ends his career the way he started it: with a road movie. But, unlike Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, which turns itself into a heist movie, The Sunchaser evolves into a western, where again one of the protagonists dies, but this time their and our sins are redeemed, with the help of that beautiful landscape. It's sad this man wasn't given the credit he deserved. Truly one of the greatest filmmakers ever.

  20. Neil Bahadur's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Isn't this just the most beautiful movie ever, though?

  21. Graeme Higginson's rating of the film The Sunchaser

    Beyond the injurious reputation that has dogged Cimino's latter career, I'm increasingly surprised at how happily endurable each "disasterpiece" I've come to see has been, to the extent that I have to wonder by what faulty metre a "disaster" is qualified.