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  1. Photo of Jean Herman

    Jean Herman Director

  2. Photo of Raymond Queneau

    Raymond Queneau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georges Richard

    Georges Richard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Danielle Darrieux

    Danielle Darrieux Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-Pierre Moulin

    Jean-Pierre Moulin Cast

  6. Photo of Olivier Hussenot

    Olivier Hussenot Cast and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Françoise Arnoul

    Françoise Arnoul Cast

  8. Photo of Madeleine Barbulée

    Madeleine Barbulée Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Blin

    Roger Blin Cast

  10. Photo of Berthe Bovy

    Berthe Bovy Cast

  11. Photo of Agnès Capri

    Agnès Capri Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Coste

    Jean Coste Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Crauchet

    Paul Crauchet Cast

  14. Photo of Madeleine Damien

    Madeleine Damien Cast

  15. Photo of Germaine Delbat

    Germaine Delbat Cast

  16. Photo of Hubert Deschamps

    Hubert Deschamps Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Deslandes

    Robert Deslandes Cast

  18. Photo of Anne Doat

    Anne Doat Cast

  19. Photo of Paulette Dubost

    Paulette Dubost Cast

  20. Photo of Claude Evrard

    Claude Evrard Cast

  21. Photo of Noëlle Hussenot

    Noëlle Hussenot Cast

  22. Photo of Henri Virlojeux

    Henri Virlojeux Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Rochefort

    Jean Rochefort Cast

  24. Photo of Horst Frank

    Horst Frank Cast

  25. Photo of Jean-Jacques Tarbès

    Jean-Jacques Tarbès Cinematography

  26. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  27. Photo of Jacques Dugied

    Jacques Dugied Production Design

  28. Photo of Geneviève Winding

    Geneviève Winding Editing