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  1. Photo of Fred Zinnemann

    Fred Zinnemann Director

  2. Photo of Gerry Blattner

    Gerry Blattner Producer

  3. Photo of Isobel Lennart

    Isobel Lennart Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jon Cleary

    Jon Cleary Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jack Hildyard

    Jack Hildyard Cinematography

  6. Photo of Deborah Kerr

    Deborah Kerr Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Ustinov

    Peter Ustinov Cast

  9. Photo of Glynis Johns

    Glynis Johns Cast

  10. Photo of Dina Merrill

    Dina Merrill Cast

  11. Photo of Chips Rafferty

    Chips Rafferty Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Anderson Jr.

    Michael Anderson Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Lola Brooks

    Lola Brooks Cast

  14. Photo of Wylie Watson

    Wylie Watson Cast

  15. Photo of John Meillon

    John Meillon Cast

  16. Photo of Ronald Fraser

    Ronald Fraser Cast

  17. Photo of Molly Urquhart

    Molly Urquhart Cast

  18. Photo of Jack Harris

    Jack Harris Editing

  19. Photo of Dimitri Tiomkin

    Dimitri Tiomkin Music

  20. Photo of Elizabeth Haffenden

    Elizabeth Haffenden Costume Design

  21. Photo of Gerry Duggan

    Gerry Duggan Cast

  22. Photo of Leonard Teale

    Leonard Teale Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Carver

    Peter Carver Cast

  24. Photo of Dick Bentley

    Dick Bentley Cast

  25. Photo of Mervyn Johns

    Mervyn Johns Cast

  26. Photo of Ewen Solon

    Ewen Solon Cast

  27. Photo of Max Osbiston

    Max Osbiston Cast

  28. Photo of Mercia Barden

    Mercia Barden Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Stringer

    Michael Stringer Production Design