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  1. Photo of Dan Riba

    Dan Riba Director

  2. Photo of Bob Forward

    Bob Forward Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shigeru Miyamoto

    Shigeru Miyamoto Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andy Heyward

    Andy Heyward Screenplay

  5. Photo of Phil Harnage

    Phil Harnage Screenplay

  6. Photo of Eleanor Burian-Mohr

    Eleanor Burian-Mohr Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lou Albano

    Lou Albano Voice

  8. Photo of Harvey Atkin

    Harvey Atkin Voice

  9. Photo of John Stocker

    John Stocker Voice

  10. Photo of Danny Wells

    Danny Wells Voice

  11. Photo of Jeannie Elias

    Jeannie Elias Voice