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  1. Martin De Martin's rating of the film The Survival Family

    Un misterioso black out costringe l'intero Giappone a vivere senza i comfort della società moderna, compresi i mezzi di trasporto, internet, gli smartphone e quant'altro: il pretesto è buono per mettere in scena una prevedibile sequela di gag più o meno buffe con tanto di immancabile morale. Si ride e ci si diverte abbastanza, seguendo il classico canovaccio da film-con-famiglia a là Sundance. Simpatico.

  2. Anthony De Luca's rating of the film The Survival Family

    3.5 Apocalypse Not. I do enjoy a bit of Shinobu Yaguchi feel-goodery. An interesting fusion of the disaster flick and the well trodden JapaneseCitySlickersEscapeToTheCountrysideToFindOutWhatIsMostImportant sub-genre. I'd like to visit the countryside with Eri Fukatsu. Pretty sure I'd realise what is most important too.

  3. laura karl's rating of the film The Survival Family

  4. Sarah's rating of the film The Survival Family

    I love the moment when the main family is confronted with another family who just does everything better than they do and the father secretly starts to hide the cat food they were eating all along. very conservative family structure: Father works, mother is at home, girl likes hanging out with her friends and the boy is a little nerd.