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  1. Photo of Michel Wyn

    Michel Wyn Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Paul Andréota

    Paul Andréota Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michel Sales

    Michel Sales Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mimsy Farmer

    Mimsy Farmer Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Meurisse

    Paul Meurisse Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Bouquet

    Michel Bouquet Cast

  7. Photo of Bruno Cremer

    Bruno Cremer Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Lonsdale

    Michael Lonsdale Cast

  9. Photo of Jacques Fabbri

    Jacques Fabbri Cast

  10. Photo of Renaud Verley

    Renaud Verley Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Claude Dauphin

    Jean-Claude Dauphin Cast

  12. Photo of Marie-Hélène Breillat

    Marie-Hélène Breillat Cast

  13. Photo of Marco Perrin

    Marco Perrin Cast

  14. Photo of Giampiero Albertini

    Giampiero Albertini Cast

  15. Photo of Luigi Pistilli

    Luigi Pistilli Cast

  16. Photo of Cirylle Spiga

    Cirylle Spiga Cast

  17. Photo of Luce Garcia-Ville

    Luce Garcia-Ville Cast

  18. Photo of Edmund Purdom

    Edmund Purdom Cast

  19. Photo of Christian Clavier

    Christian Clavier Cast

  20. Photo of Gérard Jugnot

    Gérard Jugnot Cast

  21. Photo of Thierry Lhermitte

    Thierry Lhermitte Cast

  22. Photo of Jacqueline Laurent

    Jacqueline Laurent Cast

  23. Photo of Didier Tarot

    Didier Tarot Cinematography

  24. Photo of François de Roubaix

    François de Roubaix Music

  25. Photo of Jacques Bar

    Jacques Bar Producer